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My Treatments

Reiki is an energy healing modality which can be hands on or off. I generally use a combination of both but will be guided by your wishes. In our session, I make use of intuition and intention to create better health in your life. By discussion, and Tarot if you like, we will work to uncover the root of the issue and form a solid, purposeful affirmation to guide our intentions as we go into our Reiki session. Reiki energy flows to wherever it is needed to heal and bless.  My goal is to understand your needs and help you achieve peace of mind and vibrant health.


Disclaimer: While Reiki Realm LA's services contribute to wellness, they are not intended to replace medical diagnosis

and treatment. It is recommended that you consult your physician regarding any illness you may have.

I do not diagnose illnesses, nor do I recommend diets, medical treatments or supplements.

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