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My Story

Greetings! I am a healer who is also an actress, director, gardener, artist, hiker, animal lover, dancer, writer, editor and explorer of all sorts of things. I am always learning. I love to expand my knowledge and experience by continually trying new things, opening up to new possibilities creatively, emotionally, and self-developmentally. I became interested in Reiki as a healing modality because I was fascinated at how energy moves in our lives, and felt I had an affinity for intuitively working with it.  Tarot also reads a person's life energy at the current moment, and translates that energy to spell out what your subconscious already knows, but might not be apparent to you.  Both are amazing tools to create balance, clarity and healing. It is always a pleasure to work with others to aid them in bringing peace or a shift in their lives.  

Wow. Working with Karesa is like a dream. I have done a lot

of different types of healing work, but this was different. It was intensely relaxing, and I felt a deep layer of trust that I was safe in letting go and opening up. It felt like the picture I am seeing on her website of the waves of the ocean, but not just peace in my body, but also peace in my brain. It seemed like I finally understood about the universe wanting to heal and hear you. We also did a reading and she explained the cards in a way that was useful and really right on about what is happening with an aim in a helpful direction. I worked with her again, and it seemed to build on the healing from the previous session. She is a very gifted person, and also a gifted healer. I hope many people find their way to working with her, as her heart is open and full of life and love.

                                                           Antoinette Valente


My Approach

Each Reiki treatment is different, simply because each client is unique. I like to spend a little time understanding what you are trying to achieve before we begin the treatment. I am also trained as a Practitioner in the Science of Mind, which is helpful in understanding the root and knowing the Truth about an issue, whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual. We can work to create a specific, purposeful  and positive intention to focus on for the session. 

This is where Tarot can also come in to play. If you desire to have a reading to aid you in being more specific about your session, we can do that first. I do an interactive reading, because your input and intuition is important as well. Or the reading could be on an entirely different subject if you prefer. 

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