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About Me

Welcome to Reiki Realm LA! I am a healer by nature, and continue to explore the arenas of Reiki and Tarot and other forms of energy work both for myself and my clients. My goal is to guide you to relax and heal, whether it be a physical, emotional or spiritual issue. I am a Science of Mind Practitioner as well and work with you to find the perfect intention to facilitate your healing. I have a long history of working with others in different arenas and know we can find a common language!

"A single act of kindness can cause ripples of healing"


My Treatments
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One on One Reiki Session

In Person or On-Line

45 - 60 Minutes

Combination Reiki & Tarot Session

In Person or On-Line

Allow up to 2 Hours

Interactive Tarot Card Reading

In Person or On-Line

approx. 45 Minutes


Karesa McElheny is brilliant, nurturing, intuitive, and inspiring. I was surprised at how spot on the Tarot card reading was as far as giving me support at the crossroads that I have been in. She’s inspired me to take the next steps in my life... to be able to shift out of the place that I have been stuck in. Because of her reading I have a more comprehensive and honest view of my life; about where I am and where I want to go. I know I already have the tools and support I need. I have been able to start next steps that I need to take to achieve my next goals. 

         After receiving a Reiki treatment from her I was amazed at how clear and calm I felt. The part of me that has felt stressed has calmed down and I feel like I have a new perspective of my world, in which I have had to handle a number a  stressful situations. I feel more grounded,  centered and energized in my body. I highly recommend her wonderful treatments! Deep gratitude, Karesa!!! 

                                  Merilee Blaisdell


What a wonderful experience! Karesa came to my home and facilitated an hour of relaxation, healing, and joy. Her energy is so calming. I felt 100 percent safe and nurtured by her healing hands. She was able to pinpoint areas of my body that needed attention and release. When she was done my aches and pains had vanished and I felt centered and balanced.

                                  Bonnie Cahoon

My session with Karesa was so soothing and relaxing.  She helped me identify what was creating discomfort in both my physical and emotional body. Through the session her soothing words, tone and hands helped me relax and let go of tension and stress.  I felt lighter and calmer after our session.  I also really enjoyed doing the Tarot card reading as part of the treatment session. It brought clarity to some of the issues I was grappling with.  Her intuition was spot on! I highly recommend Karesa as a healer because she cares so deeply about helping others and is a seeker of truth and goes over and above to make sure you have a great healing experience.

                                       Ellen Contente

 I did a Tarot Card Reading with Karesa and it was the best reading I've ever had. Karesa's approach is very different from other readers. My reading was grounded in a real life authentic and safe discussion when cards were pulled. The discussion also had so much meaning and purpose and answered my questions beautifully. Karesa's instinct, wisdom and intelligence all worked with the cards to give me perfect insight and a way forward. She was really profound and right on!  I would trust her with my grappling on life issues on any day.   

                                 Darcy Lee


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Thanks for getting in touch! ~ Karesa

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